5 Things That Make an Acquisitions Librarian Happy

There are many a stressful thing in the career of an Acquisition Librarian.  Just think of all the budgets and contracts and watching publishers/vendors declare get swallowed by each other and keeping on top of the fiscal year.  But there are some things that just make Acquisition Librarians (and Graduate Assistants) happy.  Here are 5 of them:

having a party
“Having a party in Acquisitions” by Nada Sweid, 2015.
  1. Good metadata. I just handled the ordering of a bunch of Japanese graphic novels (or manga) and the metadata was fabulous.  So often with foreign titles, the metadata includes little beyond the barest bones.  Acquisition staff can only hope that the vendor understands what we’re asking for.  But the metadata for these manga books were just delightful; I know that the vendor will be able to read it and get us the books we ordered.
  2. Bibliographers who can get us this metadata. Getting us the appropriate OCLC numbers almost guarantees that we’ll be able to get the item (barring that the item isn’t out of print, is a unique item, etc.). When we get OCLC numbers that bring in metadata like the scenario above, we are so excited.
  3. Sleeping in late. I don’t know who doesn’t like this, but I feel like (if I’m any example) that Acquisition Librarians really, really like to sleep in.
  4. Excel workbooks. This is a very strange thing to make a person happy, but Excel workbooks can be awesome.  Even though, no matter how proficient I get at Excel I still think I need to learn more to be an “Expert,” I love messing around with the fields – sorting, filtering, rearranging.  Oh, the joy of pivot tables!
  5. Successfully accessing electronic resources. There is so much that can go wrong between purchasing an electronic resource and accessing it: did the publisher turn it on, is it actually what you ordered, what about those hosting fees, is it mysteriously stuck behind a paywall, has someone been data-mining and caused access to be revoked?  When an Acquisitions Librarian goes gets to their desired content, they can breathe a sigh of happy relief.

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