Pornography in the Library, Part II

Last time, in Pornography in the Library, I talked about pornography and its discoverability.  This week, it’s another post about Pornography in the Library.  This time, it’s a link roundup on various illicit collections.

pederastic courtship
“Pederastic courtship Louvre F43” by Marie-Lan Nguyen (2007). Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Saucy Victorian Escort Cards – Want to get laid tonight?  Or, you know, after marriage?  So did Victorians.  Escort cards helped the horny make acquaintances, to skirt around rigid social expectations.  Right swipe on Tinder, or sneak a little envelope asking if you “may C U home?”

New York Public Library Erotica Collection – “I was in charge of the chubbies.”  Yes, that could be part of your job description if you’re a librarian at the NYPL.  (Or at least, in the past.)  Research libraries and archives try to collect culture – and pornography (labeled therein as “erotica”) is a snippet that you can find at the New York Public Library.

L’enfer at the Bibliotheque nationale de France – Want a taste of Hell?  The Bibliotheque Nationale in France has got you covered.  I think lust is the big sin here.

The British Museum’s Private Case – I personally prefer the other title to this collection – the Secretum.  Implies all sorts of secrets and secretions, which go very nicely with pornography.


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