Different Generations, Different Information Consumption

Fractl and BuzzStream authored a study (“The Generational Content Gap”) which surveyed approximately 1,200 people on how they consumed information and then broke down how different generations differ in their content consumption.

“The Generational Content Gap” finds that Baby Boomers spend the most time on their screens – about 20+ hours per week looking at online content.  (This is not surprising, since my mother is a late Boomer and spends 20+ hours online.)  These Boomers are usually online between 9 a.m and noon.  GenXers and Millenials spend a measly 5-10 hours consuming online content; and they’re most active after 8 p.m.

The study also finds that all three generations love blogs – and articles of 300-words in length – and images.  They all disliked slide shows, white papers (no duh), and webinars.

Millenials are most likely to use their smartphones to access the internet, whereas GenXers and Boomers will use laptops and desktops.  Use of tablets are low for all; only about 10% of Boomers, GenXers and Millenials use a tablet to access the internet.

It’s an interesting study, and you can read more and view a cool infographic over at Contently’s blog.

boomer and millenial on phones
“My mother and I on our respective devices,” Rebecca Ciota, 2016.

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