Okay, so I’m a bit of a geek.  When I saw Roy Tennant‘s article in about a content management system named after an Ancient Egyptian god, I knew I had to learn more.  SobekCM is an open source content management system developed by the University of Florida’s libraries.

The University of Florida libraries are often on the cutting edge of digital work; for example, its digital preservation system DAITSS is well known and served as a model for my digital preservation coursework.  And, U of Fl’s libraries are…libraries.  Thus, SobekCM plays well with library metadata standards like MODS, DublinCore, METS, and MaRC.  It supports multiple file types, which allows libraries to upload almost any digital objects they want – and the corresponding records.  The software allows for browsing and both full-test and semantic searching.

A content management system that I’d never heard of before – and it’s named after an Egyptian god.  (Honestly, more things need to be named after that crocodile-headed god Sobek.)  I was nearly drooling.

Alas, I’ll be soon working with Islandora, rather than SobekCM.  But I thought SobekCM was worth mentioning.


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