Pokemon GO and the Library

Okay, so I’m late by a few weeks on the bandwagon, but I’m just going to say it: Pokemon GO is so cool.  It’s also really fun to know why all those nerdy boys are walking around campus with their phones out.  (My coworker told me that Sunday afternoon on campus was a hotspot for poketrainers!)

Even I got on the bandwagon, at work. Charmander & a Rattata appeared on my desk at the library.

Since Pokemon GO is so cool, I thought I’d do a post on it here on this blog.  Surely, I could find some way to link the game to libraries.  Besides that I was playing it at work, after seeing one of my coworkers lurking in the basement in search of a nearby Zubat.  So, how am I going to link libraries and Pokemon?

Well, there’s an awesome post by galaxybookjockey on “Everything Librarians Need To Know About Pokemon GO.”  If you didn’t grow up in the 1990s or later, and didn’t experience the Pokemon phenomenon, galaxybookjockey gives you the downlow on these “pocket monsters” and the premise behind the games and accompanying media.  They also describe what Pokemon GO is.

galaxybookjockey notes that libraries are safe, public spaces – just the place that the Pokemon Company associates with “gyms” (where players meet up to compete and socialize) and places to find new Pokemon.  Libraries have already been seeing increased traffic in their spaces.  As galaxybookjockey mentions, this Pokemon GO fad can be a great opportunity for outreach too.  (I personally want some of those badges featured on galaxybookjockey’s post.)

There’s also a privacy connection.  Libraries and librarians are often concerned about patron privacy – and other privacy concerns.  Pokemon GO collects A TON of information on its users, and there are privacy concerns already being leveled at the game.  You can read up on the security issue here, and learn how to take some precautions.


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