Books that are going to be stolen

Candice Huber published interesting findings on the books that are most likely to be stolen from libraries.  I couldn’t resist posting about her findings here.  So, which books are most likely to be stolen from a library?

  1. The Guinness Book of Records.  Maybe it’s because these books are expensive to buy for your personal library.  Maybe it’s some weird thing about breaking the record for the most-stolen book.  Okay, I don’t know why people are so into this book, but it apparently flies off the library shelf. (And never comes back.)
  2. The Bible. The Bible is one of the most printed books in the Western world.  It should be reasonably easy to pick up your own copy, but people still like to take Bibles and never return them.  Huber says that patrons must think that the Word of God should be free.  All I can think of is running up to the religion section of my library, collecting the Bibles, and throwing them outside.  All while chanting, “Free the Logos!”
  3. Exam Prep Books. Yes, I never wanted to buy these. And they’re so heavy that you kinda can’t carry them back to the library.
  4. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and other racy books/magazines. These are more likely vandalized than stolen in a complete manner. So, basically, people will rip out a particularly enticing page rather than take the whole book. Some of my reading also suggests that it’s library staff that walk off with the stuff in its entirety, not patrons.
  5. Art Books. These things apparently have great resale value.

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