So you want to be a librarian? Part II – Love Potion

“viol – treble,” Grinnell College Musical Instrument Collection, accessed September 12, 2016,

As a new academic librarian, I am slowly but surely encountering more and more undergraduates who want to pursue a career in libraries. And being the most recent MLIS graduate at my workplace, I feel particularly able to talk about getting an MLIS. So, I have had a few students come my way with questions.

One student was pressured by their adviser to talk to a librarian. (I rolled my eyes at the adviser who sends a first-year to ask about requirements for getting into an MLIS program. It’s not anything like trying to get into, for example, a veterinary program – with a litany of prerequisites. But that’s another story for another time.) This student told me that they were a music major, and were hoping to become a music librarian in the future. They wanted to be a librarian because, from the time they were little, they would create libraries and pretend to be a librarian.

While I know that hopes, goals, and dreams change as life progresses, I thought this student’s take on librarianship was a good. They wanted to mix a childhood dream of running a library with their current passion of making music. This “love potion,” as I have been calling it, would make a career.  They could be a music librarian.

So, you want to be a librarian? Take a page out of this first-year college student’s book: make a love potion and find a good career. They mixed music and libraries. I mixed a few more things (probably because I know more about librarianship): a heaping dose of technical services, a sprinkle of French (and Arabic), and the opportunity to learn more programming languages.

If you want to be a librarian, think about your interests, your talents, your passions – and try to mix them together. There’s a librarian position for just about anything.


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