Happy Halloween

This Monday is October 31st – on which North Americans celebrate Halloween.

2016 is also the anniversary of my favorite move – Pan’s Labyrinth – which is considered pretty creepy.

So, I’ll much the two together for this post. For all those fans of creepy fairy tales, have a happy Halloween and check out some cool tidbits about creepy fairy tales.

  • There is a soothing power to fantasy, or fairy tales. (Stonebarger, Amanda. “Pied Piper vs. Faun: Storybooks and Female Empowerment in The Sweet Hereafter and Pan’s Labyrinth.” Film Matters 4, no. 1 (Spring2013 2013): 44-50. Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text, EBSCOhost (accessed October 24, 2016).)
  • Pan’s Labyrinth uses children’s literature as a means of exploring Spanish Fascism and its traumas. (Clark, Roger, and Keith McDonald. 2010. ““A Constant Transit of Finding”: Fantasy as Realisation in Pan’s Labyrinth.” Children’s Literature In Education 41, no. 1: 52-63. Education Research Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed October 24, 2016).)
  • Fairy tales like the “Frog King” (know more commonly known as “The Princess and the Frog”) are often about the abuse of girls and women. In the original “Frog King,” the princess is forced to marry an animal (a frog) by her parents; the tale reflects the pitfalls (and supposed rewards, a prince out of a frog) of obeying your parents. “The Little Mermaid.” (“Wait. What Happened to the KISSING Part? “The Frog King …” Accessed October 24, 2016. http://www.tor.com/2016/05/26/wait-what-happened-to-the-kissing-part-the-frog-king-or-iron-henry/.)

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