ALAMW18 Haul: Bone’s Gift


Public services librarians get all the fun.  One of those fun things is reader’s advisory.  As an academic technical services librarian, I don’t get to do reader’s advisory.  But I’ve got this blog, so here I will divulge some good reads.

Any ALA Annual or ALA Midwinter, I raid the exhibit hall for ARCs (advanced readers copies).  I get a bunch of free entertainment, and I get to see what’s going on in the publishing world.

Since I’m coming back home with a big haul of books and I have at least one reader devoted to my reader’s advisory, I figure I should start a new series here on my blog.  An ALAMW18 haul series.

The first book on my list, I read in less than 24 hours.  Bone’s Gift by Angie Smibert is about a girl (age 12) that can touch objects and see past events related to that object.  Worried that this ability – this “Gift” – might be dangerous, the protagonist Bone investigates her town, searching for answers about her family and herself.  It is set in WWII-era Appalachia, in a coal-mining town.  And we see the Virginia Writer’s Project, a part of the WPA (cue Rebecca geeking out about the New Deal), collecting folklore and other stories from the colliers.  It is a middle-grade book, but it has much wider appeal than that.

loved this book.  When it comes out on March 20th, 2018, I highly recommend grabbing it from your library (or bookstore, as you prefer).  The setting is beautiful, the characters rich, and the plot just windy enough to keep you interested (but not confused).

Great ALAMW18 haul book.

We’ll have to see if the next one is as good.


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