ALAMW18 Haul: Brightly Burning

Public services librarians get all the fun.  One of those fun things is reader’s advisory.  As an academic technical services librarian, I don’t get to do reader’s advisory.  But I’ve got this blog, so here I will divulge some good reads.

Any ALA Annual or ALA Midwinter, I raid the exhibit hall for ARCs (advanced readers copies).  I get a bunch of free entertainment, and I get to see what’s going on in the publishing world.

Since I’m coming back home with a big haul of books and I have at least one reader devoted to my reader’s advisory, I figure I should start a new series here on my blog.  An ALAMW18 haul series.

35721194The second book I grabbed was Brightly Burning by Alexa Donne.  It’s supposed to be “Jane Eyre in SPACE!”  I read Fonda Lee’s Zeroboxer which what “Rocky (Balboa) in SPACE!” and loved it, so I figured I’d give the “in SPACE!” thing another go.

Now, I find the storyline of Jane Eyre suspect as is.  I wondered if one could really make it all that appealing as a YA romance.  I was right: you can’t.  I liked the space and the world-building and the little tinge of mystery the book had.  But you can’t re-make a Bronte sister.  There is nothing less romantic than a Bronte sister’s male lead.  Trying to make him romantic…doesn’t work. No one wants a moody, alcoholic, lying romantic lead, thank you.

So, if you want to read Brightly Burning, enjoy the space, the sci-fi, the world-building, and the little mystery plot line (that you can kinda see right through because you know Rochester keeps a woman with mental health issues in his attic).  And try to ignore the attempted romance.


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