The Library Camel

Awhile ago, I wrote about Luna the Library Horse.  Well, this time, it’s a camel.  I don’t know if this camel has a name or not but it travels the Gobi Desert, transporting an array of children’s books.

Its owner Dashdondog Jamba writes, translates, and publishes children’s books – and then carries them via camel to remote areas in the Gobi Desert.  He has gone 50,000 miles throughout Mongolia – by camel, by horseback, by oxcart.  Recently, he has purchased a van.

Hopefully the camel keeps up its job as a library, even if it’s getting help from the van.

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Dashdondog Jamba on his camel.

Luna the Library Horse

I am a horse-lover.  So, when I see horses contributing to, interacting with, visiting, etc. libraries, I always have fun.

In Indonesia, a horse named Luna acts as a library.  Luna and her handler Ridwan Sururi provide library services to communities in the remote region of Purbalingga on the island of Java.  Their library is called Kudapustaka (literally, “horse library”).  They travel to schools three days a week and provide books to children and adults.

Indonesia is working toward increasing adult literacy rates.  The government brought the number of illiterate adults down from 5.4m in 2004 to 6.7m in 2011.  I imagine Ms. Luna is helping out.